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AMS Inc. Automated Inspection Machine

Our expertise comes from about 100 years of combined experience

From operating, maintaining, repairing, servicing and building

Automated industrial equipment

Call Scott Miller at (815) 874-3040 for more details

Link Vision Machine

AMS Inc.

Fully automated DVT vision inspection machine.

Our machines are engineered for ease of operation with minimal setup time.

Touch screen operator interface.

Simply plug this unit into any standard 120vac outlet.

This application sorts at a rate of 200pcs per min.

While measuring 10 different dimensions

capable of maintaining tolerances of  .0005" .


AMS Inc.

We fabricate tooling, fixtures, weldments, brackets, shafts, guarding etc.

We also do all wiring and programming in house.

These pictures show our attention to detail

and our pride of workmanship.

When ever possible we use standard off the shelf components.

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